When we create and update records, we often get a pop-up message to ignore and save. To maintain integrity MS Dynamics 365 includes default duplicate detection rules and Jobs. These rules are automatically turned on for accounts, contacts, and leads, but not for other types of records. For other record types, we must create a new rule. MS Dynamics 365 also allows users to merge duplicate records of accounts, contacts, and leads so that the most current user-entered information can be merged with one of the detected duplicate records.

Approach to achieve this requirement:

  1. Duplicate Detection Settings
  2. Duplicate Detection Rules
  3. Duplicate Detection Jobs
  4. Merge Duplicate Records

Navigate to Settings-> Data Management

  1. Duplicate Detection Settings:
    Navigation Steps:
    Step 1: Navigate to Duplicate Detection Settings.
    Step 2: Select Duplicate Detection Settings for the organization.
    Step 3: Click on OK.

2. Duplicate Detection Rules:

Navigation Steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Duplicate Detection Rules.

Step 2: Click on New and Create a new rule.

Step 3: Provide Name, Record, and Matching Record Type with the required conditions.

Step 4: Click on Save and Publish it.

3. Duplicate Detection Jobs:

Navigation Steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Duplicate Detection Jobs.

Step 2: Click on New and create a new Job.

Step 3: Click on Next.

Step 4: Choose the record from Look for and select Use Saved View.

Step 5: Provide conditions according to the requirements.

Step 6: Click on Next.

Step 7: Mention Start time, interval to repeat this Job in days.

Step 8: Check Email options and click on Next.

Step 9: Click on Submit.

4. Merge Duplicate Records:

Navigation Steps:

Step 1: After creation of Duplicate Detection Job, open that Job.

Step 2: Navigate to View Duplicates.

Step 3: Select master record from the above table.

Step 4: Select Potential duplicate records from the table to merge with master record.

Step 5: In the toolbar of Potential duplicate records, click on the Merge button and Select Master.

Step 6: Select fields that are to be merged and add them into Master Record.

Step 7: Click on OK and the records are merged.

Step 8: Go to Leads list view and check list view of All Leads. The duplicate record becomes inactive, and Status Reason is Lost. For the Master Record Status is Active and Status Reason is updated as New.

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