Using Teams integration, you can invite anyone in the organization to view and collaborate on customer records right within a Teams chat or channel. You can also make and receive calls from within Dynamics 365 and get the work done more effectively.

As a seller, you can share details on the sales opportunity, customer history, and more. As a customer service representative, you can share the customer case record, troubleshooting steps, and track the follow-up tasks.

Teams Integration can be done with Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.

How to enable Microsoft Teams Integration in Dynamics 365?

Go to Settings –>Administrator –> System Settings –> General and Click on Microsoft Teams Integration to Yes.

Features of Team Integration:

  1. Display a record or view in tab
  2. File Integration
  3. Personal dashboard
  4. Work with Dynamics 365 records in a Teams meeting

Why use Dynamics 365 in Teams?

  • Efficiently prepare for your meetings and any tasks in your workday.
  • Facilitate follow-ups through proactive suggestions from the app.
  • Easily register business card information and save it as contacts.
  • Consolidate all the information that influences decision making.

Step 1: Click on Accounts and Open any existing record.
Step 2: Click on Collaborate.

Teams Integration

Step 3: Click on Get started.

Teams Integration

Step 4: Click on Sales Team and Click on Next.

Teams Integration

Step 5: Click on General and Click on Next.

Teams Integration

Step 6: Select Member and Click on Finish.

Teams Integration

Now it opens in Teams

Step 7: Click on Key Accounts.

Step 8: Click on Amazon.

Step 9: Record is displayed.

Teams Integration

Step 10: Click on Posts and Click on “+”

Teams Integration

Step 11: Select Dynamics 365 App.

Teams Integration

Step 12: Select Account and select view & Click on Save.

Teams Integration

Step 13: List views

Teams Integration

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