Add the Fields on a Form in Microsoft Dynamics 365

After you’ve identified additional information that you would like to track in the application, you can create the custom fields on the appropriate entity and expose that new fields on a page in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The following steps describe the process for creating a custom field and placing that field on a form.

  1. Navigate to the form where the new field is needed.

  2. Because the end goal is to expose the custom field on a form, the entry point for creating custom fields exists inside the personalization experience. Open the personalization toolbar by selecting Options, and then Personalize the form.

  3. Click Insert and then Field.

Add the Field on a Form

  • If this is the only field that you need to create for this form, click Save. If you need to create additional fields, click Save and new and go back to step 7. Note that there is currently a limit of 20 custom fields per table.

  • Leaving the Create new field dialog box will return you to the Insert field dialog box. Any custom fields that were just added will be automatically marked in the field list to be inserted into the form.

  • Click Insert to insert the marked fields into the selected region of the form.

  • Optional: Enable Move mode from the personalization toolbar to move the new fields to their desired location in the selected region. See Personalize the user experience for more information about how to use the various personalization capabilities to optimize a form for your personal usage.

Create a New Field
Go-to-advanced-settings using

     1. Click Gear Icon
     2. Select Advanced Settings

Select Solution for using

     3. Click Down Arrow

     4. Select Solutions

     5. Select Your Solution


Select Solution for using


        Create a New Field


Expand Entity, Expand Client
      1. Select Fields
      2. Click New

  • Create a New Field
  • Add the Field on a Form

Create a new using

    3. Provide Display Name
    4. Select if the Field is Mandatory or Optional
    5. Select the Data Type
    6. Click Save and Close

Select Form to insert a using

      1. Select Forms Under Client    
      2. Open the Required Form

Add the Field on a Form

Insert using

Select the Field to be added from the List of Field

Drag and drop using

    4. Drag the Field and Place it over the Required Position
    5. Click Save
    6. Click Publish

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