Let us see how users can create workflows in Dynamics 365 to automate certain business processes without requiring user interaction. Small workflows are an excellent method for non-developers to improve specific processes and get the most out of their CRM. Let’s look at how to design a workflow that sends an email to “everyone” when a lead is created.

A workflow in Dynamics 365 is a series of functions or methods, called steps, that are performed sequentially. The Workflow can change the processing direction by using conditionals, referred to as conditional branches.

Step 1: Navigate to your Advanced Settings

When clicking on the gear located in the top right corner of your CRM you will find Advanced Settings. When you have successfully navigated to your settings you can now choose the drop down arrow next to your Settings title on the left. Followed by choosing the Processes under the Process Center.


Step 2: Create a New Process

In this stage, you’ll name your Process to make it easier to remember, then choose its category and entity from the drop-down lists.


Step 3: Change the Scope

Change your scope to ‘Organization’ and select the condition of the trigger. In this example we will select our trigger as ‘record creation’. 


Step 4: Add a Trigger 

We will be adding the condition that triggers the process only when a specific user creates a lead, followed by filling the condition parameters. Save and close.


Workflow5 in Dynamics 365

Step 5: Create the Email

Navigate to ‘Set Properties’ and design your email including selecting who the email will be sent from. You can use the Form Assistant to add dynamics parameters just as you would in the Marketing app. Remember to save and close properties when you are done.

Workflow6 in Dynamics 365

Workflow7 in Dynamics 365

Workflow8 in Dynamics 365

Workflow9 in Dynamics 365

Step 6: Activate your Workflow

The last thing you will need to do is activate your workflow.



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