Most of the time we face fatal error during the installation of Report Authoring Extension because of that we are not able to complete the setup. We get this error if we try installing multiple times report authoring extension setup files on the same machine or installed wrong version in the first installation.

In order to resolve this issue of fatal error, we need to remove a registry entry from the machine that got created during the previous installation of Report Authoring Extension as part of the setup process. Setup will run successfully after removing the registry key.
Follow the below steps to remove the Registry key from the Machine:
1. Hit Windows key + R from your machine
a. Navigate to the Start Menu
b. In the search bar, type Run and hit enter
that will open below window

fatal error

2. In “Open:” lookup type Regedit and hit enter.
3. Registry Editor window will open as below.

fatal error

4. Expand the Windows Registry tree to the following registry directory:
b. Software
c. Microsoft
d. Windows
e. CurrentVersion
f. Installer
g. UserData
h. S-1-5-18
i. Components
j. Look for “0EF1E6B4EFCDA2649B26A424D56DAACD” Key
5. Right-Click on the registry key “0EF1E6B4EFCDA2649B26A424D56DAACD and select export to
save the registry backup of key on your local machine.
6. Right-Click on the registry key 0EF1E6B4EFCDA2649B26A424D56DAACD and select delete.
7. Retry to install Report Authoring Extension setup on you machine, this time setup will succeed
without any errors.
8. If you are still facing the same issue, then restart your machine and do the installation of Report
Authoring Extensions setup file again.

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