Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app helps the frontline workers manage and complete their service tasks while onsite at a job. The mobile app enables them to view their daily schedule, complete inspections, bill for products and services, send reports to customers, and submit their time-off requests. It is built on Microsoft Power Platform.

Tip 1: Assign the Field Service-Resource security role or equivalent permissions

To make sure that frontline workers have access to the right tables (entities) and columns (fields) on the mobile app, we might need to edit the security role assigned to them. Assign each frontline worker, or resource, the Field Service-Resource security role and field security profile because many processes check for users with that security role.

Tip 2: Use forms and controls included with the Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile app

It is important to use the forms that come with Field Service rather than creating new ones, because the default forms and controls are optimized for performance and usability on mobile devices. Here is an example of some of the mobile optimized forms and controls included with the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app, such as at-a-glance agenda view, customer information with address and maps, and an intuitive experience to track the services performed and parts consumed:

                         Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile

Tip 3: Follow best practices when using offline profiles

Offline profiles control which data is downloaded to the device. We strongly recommend that we use the offline feature, even if the frontline workers always have internet access. Using downloaded data is much faster than using data on the server that is accessed over the internet, thus improving overall performance. Set up an offline profile, and then add users and teams to the offline profile.

Tip 4: Use up-to-date devices that meet recommended requirements

Many organizations follow a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy where frontline workers use their personal phones or other devices for business. This app works on many devices running iOS or Android software, and support for Windows 10 devices is planned.

Tip 5: Take advantage of Microsoft Power Platform

Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app is built on Microsoft Power Platform, so the mobile app can take advantage of several capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform.





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