Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM sales process aims to generate potential sales opportunities and nurture leads for businesses. It is designed to support the sales process from acquiring a new lead through the close of a sale and to generate accurate sales forecasting. By automating and optimizing several stages, it helps streamline the sales process while improving the rate of closure. It also helps track and measure every sales activity and understand every number and component of the sales funnel in order to grow income. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM sales process, you can zero-in on the right leads.

Sales Process 1

The Accounts & Contact:

Accounts are entities with which your organization has a relationship. In Dynamics CRM, this is where all account information is stored in the database. Accounts can include prospects, vendors, business partners, and more.

Contacts are individuals with whom your organization has a relationship; these are generally customers or contacts of customers. Contacts are often related to an account, but certain organizations and businesses may serve or sell to individual consumers as well.

Navigation steps for Sales Process Life cycle:

First Select Area -> Sales, from left bottom (change area)

Sales Process 2

Navigate to Leads -> click on new from the top 

(form will appear regarding lead information)

Sales Process 3

Fill all the details of a Lead then click on Save button.

After saving the details of lead it will get converted into An Opportunity based on approach.

Using the Activity options from Timeline we can set call, email, appointment & task.

Sales Process 4

For example, if we try to create a phone call with the lead.

Activity->Phone call (Quick create form will open)

Sales Process 5

After entering all the call details ->Save and close. All the updated tasks will now appear in Timeline. (as shown in image)

Sales Process 6

After confirming, select Qualify from top tab ->click on Develop from BPF & complete all requirements -> next stage.

Sales Process 7

Now the Product Tab will appear beside summary,  select Products.

Sales Process 8

Set price list->Revenue ->add Product.

After selecting add Product,  the Quick create form will appear (as shown in image).

Sales Process 9

Fill in all the required details of Product & Quantity-> Save and Close.

Quote will appear (as shown in image).

Sales Process 10

Select Activate Quote from top-> Propose the Quote after getting approval for it -> click on Create order.

Create order -> Full fill order (after fulfilling order)

Select Create Invoice, it will get created (as shown in image)

Sales Process 11

After getting paid for certain order, select Invoice Paid from the top (also the amount paid status can be set from there).

From the word template, we can get all the templates.

Sales Process 12

After selecting an invoice from the listthe invoice will appear, you can view it in the default viewer or save it to the system.

Sales Process 13

The Sales Process Flow gets complete.

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