Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Bring retail in the digital age to the next level.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce gives retailers the ability to create insightful shopping experiences across all channels for a higher level of customer engagement and satisfaction. Built on Dynamics 365 Retail, Dynamics 365 Commerce brings retail in the digital age to the next level. Deliver personalized, seamless shopping experiences across physical and digital channels. Grow your business with an end-to-end commerce solution that scales to your needs across both traditional e-commerce and emerging channels. Engage customers across online and offline channels by giving then the option to purchase on any device with intelligent digital storefronts. You can build your brand loyalty by gaining a comprehensive view of your customers on a unified commerce platform, and by responding to their needs and foster lasting relationships with AI, customer insights and loyalty program. Dynamic 365 Commerce can help you streamline and optimize your retail back-office operations through ingrained and pervasive AI and machine learning. It also supports to meet your operational requirements with flexible deployment options along with a configurable and scalable platform that adheres to global compliance and security standards. Dynamics 365 Commerce allows you to have products pre-configured, before releasing them to the retail channels of your choice.

Dynamics 365 for Commerce Features

  • Engage customers across channels
  • Build loyalty and exceed expectations
  • Get everything to build and run digital commerce
  • Streamline and optimise your retail operations
  • Manage digital retail commerce in one solution
  • Streamline retail operations with the power of the cloud
  • Get the flexibility and security you need

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