How to Enable Modern Advanced Find in Model-Driven Apps?

In this video blog we outline the different ways you can use modern advanced find, and how you can define a new query, work with edit filters and view lists!


How to Associate and Disassociate Multiple Records to A Parent Grid in Dynamics 365 Using Plugin?

In Marketing Lists of Dynamics 365, we have an option to associate Contacts/Accounts using a Dynamic Query rather than adding them manually. But this isn’t a case with other entities. We do encounter scenarios where we need to associate or disassociate set of records based on a specific criterion. Let assume Contacts from City New York should be added to specific entity.


How to Automate Case Creation Through Email?

In Dynamics 365, you can automatically create records such as cases and leads from incoming emails.


How to Change Default Font Properties of Email Body in Dynamics 365 Using JavaScript?

The email configuration experience enables users to be more effective and efficient when using email to communicate with customers.


How to Send Email to Secondary Email Address Using Plugins in Dynamics 365?

By default, CRM will send E-mail to “Primary Email Address” for Accounts, Contacts and Leads. Sometimes we may need to send the E-mail to “Secondary Email Address” (or) “Third Email Address”.


How to Fix Fatal Error During Installation of Report Authoring Extensions?

Most of the time we face fatal error during the installation of Report Authoring Extension because of that we are not able to complete the setup.We get this error if we try installing multiple times report authoring extension setup files on the same machine or installed wrong version in the first installation.


How to Handle Visibility of Ribbon Button Based on Selection of One or More Records?

Let us see how to handle the visibility of RibbonButton based on selection of records. To achieve this, we need to have a XRM toolbox setup in your computer and connected to your working CRM Environment.


How to Configure Email in Dynamics 365 for Outlook?

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, Users can associate E-mails with their Dynamics Instance. E-mailing is a preferred customer channel in Dynamics 365, and it is also an effective channel for lead nurturing and other sales activities. Switching back and forth between a CRM and a contact centre or email client is time consuming and can reduce productivity, but many CRM solutions integrate with email and bring additional benefits.


Introducing the New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile Application

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app is designed to put everything we need at our fingertips, allowing us to remain on top of our sales better than ever before, no matter where we are. We can always be prepared and never miss a deal.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams Seamless Collaboration for your Entire Organization

Increase employee engagement and enhance customer experience by putting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and #Microsoft Teams into the hands of your sales, marketing, and service teams. Whether you work in sales or marketing, service, finance, commerce, or human resources—any role that depends on teamwork—the unified collaboration features in Dynamics 365 applications and #Teams will help you get daily activities done in a way that simply keeps everyone connected virtually in a natural way.


Enhance Dynamics 365 Customer Service app with RPA

By using Power Automates pre-built automation templates for Dynamics 365 applications, we can use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate commonly used manual business processes, across both our legacy and modern applications. We will see how RPA helps call center agents quickly authenticate client credentials in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Engage with Track my technician in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Improve your customer experience by providing visibility into upcoming service visits. Automated service visit reminders will ensure customers are ready and available when the technician arrives, eliminating wasted trips due to customer unavailability. Real-time location tracking while the technician is en route helps your customers better plan their day around a service visit.

How to Embed Microsoft Teams Chats in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

In this blog we will see how to Embed Microsoft Teams Chats in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work With Dynamics 365?

In this blog we will see how Microsoft Teams works with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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