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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that combines CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that function together seamlessly and efficiently to link the business — from marketing and sales to logistics, finance, and customer service. The solution transforms operations by allowing everyone — from the design team to the call center — to have real-time access to the data collected, allowing you to build better products. It is based on Microsoft Azure, which provides a secure platform as well as a diverse set of services. It’s also natively integrated with Microsoft 365’s productivity software, allowing you to handle users and resources in one place.  Organizations gain the ability to bolster their capacities in particular areas of interest with Dynamics 365. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you can easily map your consumer touchpoints and increase the pace at which you close deals. With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can delight your customers by providing a customised experience and increase brand loyalty. Respond to the needs of your customers and improve your service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

  • Customer insights
  • Editable grids
  • Web API enhancements
  • Programmatic management of product properties
  • Define access permission for modular business apps
  • Use form scripts to add icons with tooltip text for view columns
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 app for Outlook
  • Power BI
  • Client APIs for creating and managing records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile clients
  • Server-to-server authentication
  • Process enhancements
  • Sitemap designer for apps
  • Cortana Integration
  • Activity sorting control

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

Customer 360 Degree

Customer Service

Field Service

Project Service Automation


Finance And Operations

Supply Chain Management


Artificial Intelligence

Mixed Reality

Business Central

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