Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams: Seamless collaboration for your entire organisation


Microsoft revealed a series of new integrations between Teams and Dynamics 365 that will be available in the Release Wave 1 update during its Ignite 2021 conference.
By bringing together Teams and Dynamics 365, these new integrations are designed to minimise distractions caused by switching between apps and hunting for data. Microsoft says these will bring greater context into applications as it continues to connect systems of engagement with systems of record. This includes the ability to meet, chat, call and collaborate in the Dynamics 365 workspace, without switching to Teams. Or, when working in Teams, access, share and edit Dynamics 365 records.

  • Contextual Embedded Teams Chat & Channels
    Across Dynamics 365 apps including Sales, Customer Service and Field Service, integrated Teams will prioritise Channels and Chats which are contextual to the current record, as well as making recent chats accessible. For example, it will promote chats that are linked to a specific sales opportunity as shown below.


  • Embedded Teams Dialler for Dynamics 365
    Click-to-call functionality will be available within the context of a sales process. This new feature enables calls to be conducted without navigating away from the Dynamics 365 workspace; allowing users to take notes and easily reference relationship detail and take advantage of other real-time insights to better connect with prospects and customers.
  • Search, View & Edit Dynamics 365 Sales Records from Teams

    The new release also provides updated capabilities to find, view and update records within a Teams channel. This enables members to access and collaborate on pinned Dynamics 365 opportunities, leads, accounts or contact records within conversation flows.

  • Create Dynamics Notes & Tasks from Teams Posts
    Additional actions will enable Dynamics 365 tasks and notes to be created from individual Teams posts.

Connect Teams Webinars with Dynamics 365 Marketing
Integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing is one of the new webinar features revealed for Microsoft Teams.

Select a streaming option and set this as a Teams Webinar from an event record in D365 Marketing before using Marketing tools to promote the event.

Teams can connect with Dynamics 365 Marketing after the session to export this data. This will produce segments for attendees and non-attendees, as well as a set of beginning customer journeys that can be customised for personalised follow-up messages.