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The frequency of Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates can present a challenge when it comes to keeping track of all the latest features and understanding how these will benefit your organisation. On this page we’ve provided a summary of improvements from the year 2021.

The first major release wave of 2022 for Dynamics 365 Online and model-driven apps will be deployed to all production and non-production environments between April and September.

Prior to the initial regional rollout from 2nd April, the release plans will be published on Tuesday 25th January and administrators will be able to try out some new capabilities in a early access preview from 31st January. Read More

In July 2021, Microsoft published release plans for its second major release wave of 2021 covering Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. This is being deployed between September 2021 and March 2022.

A large focus for this release wave is integrations between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365, to improve efficient collaboration and reduce app switching. This includes accessing Dynamics 365 data in Teams, and Teams chats in Dynamics 365.

What’s new in the latest release wave:

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